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The Girls Bathroom Campaign

The brand I decided to do my campaign on is the girls bathroom podcast. It is a duo podcast of two girls names Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Liszullo who are from the Uk, the girls own a YouTube channel together a podcast and an instagram for their podcast they also have a website where they sell their very own clothing brand. I chose to my campaign. on these creators as they are very hard working and share enjoyable free content online but don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Brand Voice and Values

The values of the girls bathroom are firstly that they give life advice and support to peoples dilemmas that are sent in for free, although they aren’t doctors or qualified they still give their own personal experiences and advice and opinions to those depending on it and in need that are too afraid to speak out. This shows that the girls show value to their listeners and want to help them in any way they can by showing support to dilemmas they answer over their podcast. Another value of the girls bathroom is that the entertainment they put online for their followers and listeners is all for free the girls bathroom have a podcast which they upload to every Wednesday for people to listen to for free on the app podcast app, they own a YouTube channel where they post every Saturday for their subscribers to watch for free and also post a whole bunch of entertainment on instagram on their individual accounts and their joint account. It is clear the girls share as much free entertainment for their fans on any social media platform they own all for free so people who enjoy listening or watching them have something to look forward to multiple times weekly. On their platforms they share a lot positivity they are all about good vibes and stay away from negativity as much as they can. They share the positive side to everything even when there’s bad just to show the brighter side to everything going on in the world. Even on their podcasts although some people might be struggling in the dilemma they send in the girls are understanding off it and still make out the good side and positive part to the situation to be supportive and boost their fans mood.

The way they talk to their fans is friendly, inspiring, fun and honest. On their podcast they talk to yous as if your there like a friend in a friendly and fun tone just like they know you in real life, I feel like this makes the listener feel like they are really engaging with them and makes the podcast more enjoyable and chill. Every podcast that Sophia and Cinzia post they come across as inspiring and inspire their listeners even on their instagram they post inspiring quotes everyday in hope they can change at least one persons out look on the day. They are very honest when it comes to followers questions and dilemmas even though they find the good in every situation they also are very honest in what they think the solution is and don’t sweet talk anything to their fans, which I find really good as sometimes people don’t get the truth of the people around them because no one has the heart to tell them the truth so when the podcast duo are honest it can actually really help the person asking.

Competitor Analysis

The main competitor for the Girls Bathroom podcast would be It Galz podcast, they are another girl duo podcast who are also from the Uk. they post different topics and have guests on the show which The Girls Bathroom don’t bring on guests, but both podcasts are similar in ways and have the same vibe about them which are fun and friendly, It Galz also post their podcast every Wednesday just like The Girls Bathroom which I don’t really know why even after trying to look into it. As the girls from both podcasts are similar in age a lot of what comes up in their podcast topic wise would be some what similar. Luckily for the girls bathroom they have more followers 73.4k and It Galz has 23k which bring the girls bathroom in the lead.

Social Media Platform Analysis and Selection

I had a variety of platforms to chose from to do the campaign on for The Girls Bathroom as they use every social medias platform but I decided to stick with their podcast on the apple podcast app and their instagram account for the podcast Just because these are the two social media apps I follow them on and keep up to date with regularly. The Apple podcast app is a podcast app that is on any Apple device with millions of podcast creators. The instagram app is a very popular form of social media with millions o users and where people can keep up to date and engage with their friends, family, celebrities, influencers etc. There is many pros and Cons to both os these apps.

The apple podcast app is great for the fact it is free, automatically downloaded on any apple device such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, imac, MacBook and so on. it is easy to use with everything right infant of you and has no sign up. Although it does have its down sides to it which are words users of apple are 28.19% and the rest are 71.18% android users leaving many people without the free automatically downloaded podcast app even though the girls bathroom is on Spotify that app does not come free and has monthly pay so not everyone will get the podcast for free and will have to find another way of listening.

Instagram is an app that is very popular world wide that is also free of download on any smart phone, one of the best things about instagram for the girls bathroom is that 75% of instagram users are the same age category as the girls bathroom duo Sophia and Cinzia which is great for them to be noticed on instgram and gain more followers from there that will lead on to their podcast. This app is also a really easy way to communicate with anyone even your favourite creators so the fans the podcast duo can easily communicate with them and they will communicate back especially because their podcast is all about answering their fans dilemmas and questions so they will always engage with their followers. The down side to this app is that Sophia and Cinzia have over 200k followers each on their individual accounts where they post fashion content which leaves a lot of their followers to only see them as influencers and not even bother to check out their podcast and what they are really bout they only care about the fashion content posted by the girls.

User Group Analysis

The types of audience they have are all between the ages of 18-25 which leaves the girls completely demographic dependant which is great for them. As their podcast is dedicated on helping out their audience by answering any questions and dilemma sent in, their fans are dependant on them for their help and support which Sophia and Cinzia do really well. I would say the types of users on instagram that interact with them the most are probably influencers just like them, activist who know they will get their word about change across on a big following of theirs by interacting with them and also a social butterfly who probably gives them the most clout with realising it by posting it in their story every time they listen to the podcast and repost every post the girls bathroom post. These three types of users I will be following and trying to get their attention to help my campaign as they will all be helpful and most interested. The Girls Bathroom are the user types the fans love as they engage with followers and repost anything they are tagged in onto their own page they also like and reply to all comment they receive on their instagram from fans.

Short And Long Term Objectives

Some of my Short term objectives for this campaign that lasts for 28 days as it is a 28 day plan may turn out to be capable of long term objectives such as constantly using the fan account I make on instagram to hold this campaign constantly and all year round can be a long term objective if people continue to constantly engage with it the more I post and turn into a viral fan account, Gaining the girls bathroom more Irish followers is a goal of mine for this campaign which can become a long term as again the more I use the account the more it will pop up on Irish peoples suggestions on instagram and constantly grow followers from Ireland that way from my campaign to the girls bathroom histogram and podcast. Gaining them 60k followers would also be a long term goal as I want to gain then 5k followers in 28 days which is highly possible if I was to gain them 5k or more every 28 days they would have roughly Gained 60k from my campaign alone in a year.

Customer Engagement Plan

How I plan on driving the engagement I receive on my campaign to conversion is by completely engaging with anyone who follows my campaign I will like and comment on all their posts I will also spam people in hope some of their followers will see wondering what my campaign is leading them also onto my account. I will be doing interactive quizes on my story of the campaign account which will include quizzes all about the girls bathroom for their fans , story interactions and posting in your story help really well for engagement and lastly I will be doing a give away of an amazon voucher off 100 euro and a jumper from the girls bathroom clothing line this giveaway you will have to follow the girls bathroom instagram and podcast and send proof everything I do to engage will followers of the campaign will lead them to following the girls bathroom and boosting their like comments followers and listens.

7 day content Sample

I will show an example of w eek on content that I will be posting on the final week of the 28 day plan.

Monday – post polls on story ​all about the girls bathroom and involving the followers on my campaign posting something fun for them to interact with.

Tuesday – post on my page, so I come up on their timeline incase they miss my stories and can interact with me that way leading them to view my page again.​

Wednesday – post newest podcast , I will post the link to the newest podcast that is posted on Wednesday and afterwards post a question box on my story asking what everyones favourite part of the podcast was.

Thursday – engage with everyone , try gain more followers​, I will engage with all my followers who engage with me this day and even spam a few with the most followers so their followers will discover my campaign and hopefully follow it and help me.

Friday – q&a in story, I will do my last q&a in my story for anyone to ask me questions about the campaign, the girls bathroom, the giveaway etc.

Saturday – post new YT video , I will post the link to the latest YouTube video posted by the girls bathroom to remind people and give new followers something that might interest them.

Sunday – announce winner (, I will announce the winner of the giveaway once I have proof of everyone following the girls bathroom and adding their name into the generator to chose a winner at random.

Scheduling Tool

To schedule all the content I will be posting over the 28 days I will have all posts ready to go with caption etc saved in my drafts so when the day and time here to post they will be ready to go straight away I will only have to hit post, I will be using the reminder app on my phone for everything that needs to be posted and what I need to do that day therefore the phone will remind me the days before, midnight, the next morning and the time selected to be reminded at.For quizzes I will have selected photos and questions to post previously and have them written as a list so I have them all there to post one after another straight away so people don’t have to wait from me to [post the next one and I won’t have to think of anything last minute.

Analytics and Analysis

Gecko board Tool is used to analyze key metrics for the girl’s bathroom Instagram account. ​This will show the improvements of the amount of comments they have received from the last six weeks till now it also shows their follower count and the amount of insights they have received recently if this changes it will show my campaign is working for their performance. Luckily instagram has Insights when your account is a business account I will set my campaign to a business and this way I will be able to see how many people view my stories rewatch them, how many people seen my posts from their timeline or their explore page, my profile visits and likes comments saves and shares, this will also tell me how many people click into links I post and and click into pages I tagged, therefor I will get a strong idea of how well or not so well my campaign is doing and how many people are interest and follow the girls bathroom from my campaign.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Three weaknesses I feel like my campaign hold are the scheduling tools I planned to use as they weren’t as strong relying as other scheduling tools that could have bee used although they done the job they didn’t keep the campaign as organised as it could of been. Another weakness is the idea of of making a new account on instagram for the campaign as I could decided to use my own instagram account as I have 2k followers already and a lot of engagement that would have saved time rather than starting from scratch. The last weakness would be the giveaway I do feel like the gift voucher was a good idea for amazon but I didn’t think through that the jumper wouldn’t be able to be in the picture with the gift voucher when posting it as I wouldn’t know which size to purchase of course I could have added it to the caption and say the winner could chose what size but then the giveaway just wouldn’t have the same effect when posted and less people would interact so I would defo change the giveaway prizes.

Three strengths I think I hold are firstly being the idea of the campaign I think I was a really good idea and a good brand to do iron I also think everything I wanted was very achievable. I also think the idea to dedicate the campaign on engaging with the girls bathroom fans on instagram was really good as people enjoy that and majority of their fans love that about them as written in reviews so I think they would love to interact with other fans and build a fan base. Lastly I feel like my goal to achieve the girls bathroom gaining Irish followers from my campaign rather than any follower is great because when looking through their followers majority of them are British and they don’t have a major diversity of followers so starting of with Irish followers would help them reach out to other countries and gain followers from all over the world which would be great for them and their business.

By Chantelchurchill

my name is Chantel Churchill.
I am studying media in Colaiste Dhulaigh.
I live in Dundalk.
I started studying in 2018 and I will finish in 2022.
I study media because it interest me and i enjoy it, I hope to get a good job in the media area in the future after this course, I have this blog so I can post my creativity and what i write.

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